HI(, ME)

The video concept began after I witnessed the advancement in technology surrounding robot humans -- robots who are programmed to emulate the human experience. I wanted to know what it would be like as a human emulating the robot experience.

I took this concept and lip-syched, attempting to remove all human elements of my creature. Instead, isolating my face muscles and dead-ening my eyes. I made it through the song twice before this happened:
I was freaking the fuck out inside my body during that clip. I WAS DROOLING. Suddenly I had a visual metaphor for the purpose of the song.
I received a message on instagram from Peter Borrud. He had found my hidden video "Fractal." He wanted to know if I would be interested in collaborating.
We met for breakfast. I shared this clip. He was open to it. He then proceeded to create an entire space for a night in a warehouse where we filmed the official video, asking many favors of his crew of colleagues, producing and co-directing the whole shebang. He brought along some of the best people who could have been there.
I had invited Desiree Koras, Chloe McLennan, and Bianca Poletti to photograph behind the scenes.

Official Selection

03.09.2018 POW Film Festival "Abstract Perceptions"


Behind the scenes: Desiree Koras
Photograph of Phil (he died two days later): meredith