Things I learned:

How to squirt

That I could sit on top of someone's face and plug their nose if I wanted to

To stay true to my personality because there should be no judgment

That I dumb myself down

That I make excuses

That I bury things

That I enjoy consensually filming people having sex (consensually)

And now a word from the Lick (XXX) Music Video Focus Group:

"Ohh, it's like that..

*pulse quickens*

breathing noticeably heavier

*getting turned on*

Ugh, that's almost... too real

*getting turned off (slightly)*"

"You really captured sex in the most real, non-porn, hot, beautiful, raw, natural, gross, still-kinda-hot way ever. 
It's like when you're in the heat of the moment, and actually taking part in the act, the raw animal weirdness of sex doesn't matter and just adds to the cosmic beauty of it. As an outside observer, it's almost more like watching a nature documentary, but with people instead of hippos or giraffes. 
In the end, we're animals."

"I also was wondering where the dick was... for whatever that's worth."

"Did I just see this ghostly flickering image of the singer? Of another woman?"


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