It's November 9th, 2016. I wrote and recorded this in the attic of a good family's home just now. I am in a bubble.



(intro sampled from the Pioneer Courthouse Square Anti-Trump rally 11/09/2016)

This is on us.
This is on us.
This is on us.
This is on us."

This is all about us
individually speaking.
(I don't need any reasoning)
I just wanna get up




If what I know about love
Is what I know about heart break
Is what I'm learning from mistakes
Is what I know about trust

And what I know about us
Is what I know about most things:
We're all together pretending
that we're not making it up

I don't think it's clear what it is we're doing here

It's just:
we don't know where we come from
where we go



We're all just making it up
We're individually syncing
I'll never know what you're thinking
Is it too hard to discuss?

This is all about us

And I just wanna say
I'm not right but here I stay
I've no right

And I just wanna know
I was made to hold my own

I'm just making it up